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01.11.2013 , 07:59 PM | #14
To maximize hps, get a buffed crit rate of around 35%, >75% surge <10% alacrity, and stack the rest power. Take 2x EWH power relics.

To maximize your reaction potential / emergency healing, get a buffed crit rate of 40% and take 1x DG Boundless ages relic (rest the same).

You'll be able to heal content both ways. Since there are bursty phases in almost all operation fights (either built into the fight or as a result of a raid mistakes), I run with option #2.

While gearing up, focus on keeping your surge up at the expense of alacrity. Add alacrity in as you get more stats to play with. If you go for option #2, get your crit as close to 40% as possible at the expense of power, and replace crit with power as you gain enough stat points.