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I wrote this way back when Like No One's Watching was the current prompt, which would be...the first week of September. Wow. Anyway, it took me all this time to finally decide that yes, I wanted to post this piece. I suppose that it might fit a bit better under some other prompt, but I'm going to keep it with the one it was originally written for because...because I can.

So, here goes. Night of the Living Prompt - Like No One's Watching. Features A'tro and Quinn, takes place during some unspecified interlude of time in the middle of Afterimages. I never did stick a date on this thing. Probably some time between the first and second arcs, for those who have a) read my fic and b) care.

And now, our feature presentation! I should probably mention that there are spoilers within, for that delightful part of SW ch 3 that we all just have to write about!


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