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The problem with droid rights is that there is a fluent passage between programmed machines and sentient droids. You can't draw a clear line.

I think things should be handled like this:

1. Forbid memory wipes. With droids, they basically kill a developing person. (Note, however, that this stems from the same attitude which lets me argue against abortion in real life. So this one is up to in-universe-debate, I guess.)

2. Shutting a droid down, scrapping it, sending it on dangerous tasks etc. requires the consent/permission of the droid. Now, most importantly: It is allowed to create droids which are programmed to always agree to such tasks. If a droids starts to say "no", it is a sure sign that it has surpassed its programming.

3. A droid gains the rights of a sentient by asking for them or claiming them. If a droid communicates to his owner "I want to enjoy the rights of a sentient.", the owner has to agree*. He has to bring the droid to the responsible government agency where the droid gets some forms which confirm him as a sentient.

*I imagine some insurances would cover this and some companies would grant XX-years guarantees so you get a new droid if your old one declares himself a sentient.
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