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Yeah. Sorry for the mini, off-topic rant. I came back to this thread because I was heartened to see Hickman finally address the SGR crowd in his latest state of the game speech. I was also a little disappointed on your behalf, because what's coming in Makeb doesn't sound like it even scratches the surface of what SGR advocates have justifiably expected.
I'll be honest, if Bioware can start introducing SGRA's now, when they should have been in at launch, then it's possible they'll start introducing other things that should have realistically been in at launch: chat bubbles, hood toggles, chairs, that sort of thing.

And thank you also, for realising that a bunch of [Flirt]s with (presumably) throw-away NPCs doesn't match up with actual, fully voiced, fully storied, companion romances. I am sick to death of people telling us "oh meh gawd, you're getting some throw-away NPC [Flirt]s! Why can't you just be happy? Gawds, this is cutting into me getting PvP/PvE/Story Content/Pazaak racing!"

As if some how Bioware making more romances is going to make them suddenly give up the rest of the game. It's depressing that this game is in such a state that so many people are so paranoid about content they like. And instead of talking to Bioware, they take it out on people who are different to them.