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01.11.2013 , 06:35 PM | #11
i see it as the evolved financial model of future mmos. also i see player bases being no longer as large as they once were too. players now have differing tastes where some will conflict with others so mmos will no longer be everything to everyone. in other words what you really like and enjoy might be a deal breaker for me. there are just too many choices now out there and they are still coming out. in the past there really wasn't all that many. blizzard entered the market at the right time with the right thing. there are too many of "that thing" now and hence this thread.

investors need to understand what made blizzards' wow successful and no longer try to emulate it. timing played a tremendous role in its success and blizzard will be hard pressed to repeat it with another mmo. sure there will always be people who will now flock to a new blizzard product because it is blizzard. but also those that wont because it is blizzard too.

when done correctly f2p can be very profitable. but that is the issue. it has to be done where people dont think they are being nickeled and dimed to death. this mmo has unfortunately made that very mistake. perhaps in time it can change that perception but i doubt EA will do that.