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Umm, this is the worst excuse I have ever read yet, the obvious solution here to make such cutscenes not look weird would be to not limit the height of all female characters to a head shorter than male ones in the first place. There's absolutely no reason for that other than trying to enforce the stereotype that all men are taller than all women which is simply not true. It's very damn annoying that the tallest, amazon-like, female character is actually.... A full head shorter than the tall male one.

Neither are "the norm", obviously, so why the hell put in that limit other than sexism.
Though I agree that the game should allow female characters to use the tallest male height, it's not a stereotype. Men are generally taller than women, and thus the tallest men will almost always be significantly taller than the tallest women. The developers' mistake has very little to do with sexism; it has much more to do with the fact that Bioware heavily underestimated how important character customization is in an MMO.

SWTOR flat-out sucks at character customization across the board. Some idiot in Austin probably thought that adding real-world-reminiscent limits on the relative size of females would help to immerse players, but unfortunately the opposite tends to be true: players will generally be more inclined to stay with an MMO if they can customize their characters to feel like unique individuals.

And yeah, apologies to BW if the word, "idiot," is a little harsh -- but seriously; I'm about fed up. It would be one thing if the game just sucked at character creation (it does), but that's just the tip of the ice berg here. Bioware spent a year showing us armor models in advertisements, trailers, on NPCs, and even the freaking character-creation screen that are unattainable for players in the game proper. And now, after a year of empty promises, EA/Bioware suddenly introduces some of the most-requested cosmetic options as $15 microtransactions. And if that isn't bad enough, the $15 doesn't even give you the outfit on more than one character. $15 doesn't even give you an outfit that you can transfer to a different character.

Yeah. Sorry for the mini, off-topic rant. I came back to this thread because I was heartened to see Hickman finally address the SGR crowd in his latest state of the game speech. I was also a little disappointed on your behalf, because what's coming in Makeb doesn't sound like it even scratches the surface of what SGR advocates have justifiably expected.