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01.11.2013 , 06:14 PM | #1
Since 1.3 your game has been extremely laggy. I believe that when you fixed this issue;

"Players who are stunned or immobilized no longer appear to teleport a short distance to a new location on other players' screens."

... you literally broke the game. The lag I experience today is nothing compared to the minor gripe that was that bug. I'd recommend that you revert whatever technical change you did to the game back then, and try to resolve this issue once again. The game is simply not enjoyable with all this lag.

Below are a few clips of typical examples of this PvP lag: (started fraps after being victim to a force push)

Note that this is not an isolated case. I've shown these videos to most of my friends and they all confirm that they have this sort of lag, too.

I'm playing on an European server named The Progenitor, if that information is of any use.