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Whatever you do, only trade your Crafting Materials for pre-made items. Never give crafting materials to anyone unless they already have the item you want. Most Crafters create a bunch of premade stuff (Example's - 27 barrels, 27 Hilts, 27 Mods, ect, ect) and then trade them for the matts they need to make more stuff.

Some people will say that they can make an item but do not have the crafting materiel's to create it. Then they will tell you to give them your matt's and they will craft it for you and mail you the item. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT, it's usually a scam. The person will take your matt's set his toon to ignore your toon and then your screwed.

Just Keep That In Mind
On the Red Eclipse server, contact Spark of Insanity guild (republic). Myself and several other members of my guild have done business with them and we never had any kind of trouble.
I sent them the mats with COD of 1 cred, so I know exactly when they got them