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Quote: Originally Posted by T-Assassin View Post
i'd bet anything i'm top 5% WW Merc
- posts a 1675 DPS VG parse on WH, while top parse is 2425 DPS by a Sniper. Sniper/GS is not a very mobile class, yet they parse as top DPS on most fights. Btw, 3/5 of the Top5 DPS on 8man HM Op IX are Mercs.
- talks about parses from SMs and FPs, while top players are posting logs from HM and NiM.
- uses WH as an example where DPS uptime gives PT/VG advantage, meanwhile Merc can sit planted in the center of the room without moving an inch for the entire fight and hit the boss and every add that pops up.

I've heard enough.
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