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01.11.2013 , 04:44 PM | #17
Yeah it's a little strange that there is no +artifice critical companion. IMHO, Khem Vhal should be changed from efficiency to +5% critical bonus and the droid sensor should similarly be changed from efficiency to +2% critical bonus. Problem solved.

As it is, I currently have the following crafting setup:
Jedi Sage, Cybertech with +5% crit from droid.
Jedi Guardian, Synthweaving with +5% crit from Kira Carsen
Vanguard, Armormech with +5% crit from Tanno Vik
Scoundrel, Armstech with +5% crit from Corso Riggs

Armstech is the one I'm currently working on, the others are already at 400 with 10k affection and legacy crit buff to boot.

Something else too, Empire doesn't have equivalent to Corso Riggs or Tanno Vik - the only imperial critical companion that compared is Jaesa Willsaam who has +5 synthweaving critical, mirroring Kira Carsen. It thus seems fair to me, that if a +5% critical to artifice companion was available, it should be on the imperial side, with the logical choice being khem vhal.
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