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Hey, i have a question, and this may be off-topic, but i dont want to make a whole new thread:

How does one get lvl 27 item modifications/armorings?
Buy them, craft them, or get them from drops...

As it relates to Cybers, in order to craft armorings higher than 23:
- You need to RE unslotted(BoE) Armoring drops off raid bosses to get the pattern. Each raid Boss has different lvl drops & various percentages. A LvL 27 Armoring drop is off of one of the HM Ops (someone help me out with that one).

- You can actually pull mods from DG/CAMP/BH gear and learn the pattern. So you don't need to raid per se to learn patterns. You pull them from your gear and RE them. I have not done a raid on my Cyber400 Lvl 37 toon(alt 3), but she already learned most BH/CAMP Sage(main)/Knight(alt1) Mods, and my Artifice400 LvL19(alt4) knows three BH/CAMP ENH patterns. I get BH comms, buy gear, use legacy gear to ship the mods/enh wherever they need to go. I heard rumbling that crafted mods sold on the GTN can be RE'd for the pattern, but that is somewhat frowned upon my crafters, and expensive, so I just farm my BH comms and RE my own stuff...
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