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I'm double posting and yes I know its bad etiquette but i only do so because this post might get deleted and I do not want the previous post to get deleted because I feel like its pretty useful information.

The following are bad and funny situations that have happened in gaming. I hope you enjoy the read. Maybe we will see SWTOR on one of these lists one day.
Don't Holocall and Speeder. It's the Law! - Audacious - Prophecy of the Five
Raiju, Feracity & Brynhìldr 55 Sorcs, Chervil 55 Sniper, Bvlgaris 55 Op
Silva'daeus 55 Bounty Hunter, Xavellia 55 Jug, Gianetta 55 PT
Malyponopos 55 Sent, Baby'Bátter 55 GS, Raijillia 55 Sage