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I have the mats for might armoring 27 but im not sure the best way to find a crafter. This is new to me. I have seen people advertise they will make the item for just mats and a tip. I have some questions. First, how much does one usually tip? Also how do i know the person wont just steal my mats? Can someone who has done this tellme the best way? Do most people trade the armoring for the mats straight up? Again i have the mats but they are expensive so i'm a bit nervous about how to do it. Thanks for any help.
Find your server forum. Most have "Master Crafter" lists that are updated fairly regularly. That is the best option as they are reputable (i.e. won't steal your mats), and care more about the point of "being a crafter". Most will ask you to mail them to you which works well for two reasons.

1. They can keep track of orders better.
2. You have evidence that a transfer took place. I am not sure BW would return your mats, but at least there is proof that they were exchanged...

As for the tip. LvL 27 stuff is expensive and time consuming. So I typically give 25k per piece, but I order in small quantities(1-2), so you should give them higher tips like this since their chance to crit is lower on smaller orders...
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