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What server are you on? I craft Advanced Might Armoring 27 on The Harbinger. If you are on that server than I would love to help supply you. My main level 50's on the server are: Rontu, Rontoo, or Beelow.

I craft for free (no tip). I work for free but keep any extras that crit and sell on the GTN. If any do crit I offer the person that I am crafting for first chance to purchase at a discount. As for trusting people with your mats - you will need to find someone you trust or find someone that has premades. I have never had a problem with other crafters that I have worked with in the past. But you must accept the risk on the trade. I currently have premades of the wrmoring that you are looking for, so if you are on The Harbinger then pst me for a trade.