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I have been following this thread for a while now, and in all honesty the fault does not fall on the scammer (Btw he’s got some serious balls). How dim witted can your guild be to fall for something like that? It’s like taking candy from a baby. I mean really I hear you all ranting and wanting Bioware do something about it, and why should they?! He/she didn’t really break any rules really when you think about it. How can you’re the scammer did? It sounds like most of the chat was done in the guilds respective VoIP’s. Besides that can be manipulated. Secondly how could you prove he scammed you? If you gave the scammer the rights then you gave him the rights…. Christ you people are sad just get over it and implement new guild bank protocols to protect against this kind of stuff. We need to all be friends 
The fault does not fall on the scammer? This individual(s) is being a complete douche bag, how many threads exist on people ninja'n stuff, rolling on items they dont need...douchebaggery exists everywhere, it's not the fault of the individual being douched on! Whoever is / was doing this, did so before people knew about it - which 'most' do now because of the forums and general. Therefore, it was prior to folks having even foreseen any circumstance like this. You can't conceptualize an attack with no point of reference - it makes no sense. It's harassment plain and simple, and the biggest douchebag in the universe award goes too!

BTW my guild did not get scammed by this, but it frustrates me that some people don't seem to give a flying **** and in fact seem to stick up for this person. Glad your not my pal
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