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From one of the poorest countries on Earth...

Point is, the Hutts and/or other criminal entities who run those sectors still see money to be made. So if putting a bunch of bright lights and neon signs up to entice the locals to spend what little credits they have, then yeah, put 'em up.

I have no problem with how the planet was designed... only the execution (another layout very close to Coruscant not long after finishing that planet).
Pyong Yang comparison to Nar Shaddaa is a very bad one. North Korea is a totalitarian state and the government cares about it and controls it. It is their prestigious capital and even in those photos only a handful of structures have neon lights. While Nar Shaddaa is basically one massive slum. It is true that the Hutts are wealthy and control the crime on the moon but they certainly don't care about the welfare of the casual and in great majority very poor population, much less how prestigious the slums will look at night. They wouldn't put lights in the casual sectors. If anything they would exploit them even more. Provide me some photos of slums with neon lights if you can and then you will have an argument.
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