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Yes Hey im MVP is the top dog,but there are a lot of guilds on their heels....
Synergy has beat them in the past week like 15 times??
Pwn stars has beat them
Nothing-Personal has beat them.... so from Personal experience i would say the Bastion has a really solid group of guilds queueing and most of them are very good.....And yes it has been 2 months cause thats when we kicked you lol.. i think we have something like 7-8 guilds that queue

Hey im MVP
Pwn stars
Kings of the north
Into the darkness
Crits n giggles
freaks of legend

are all guilds that queue on the bastion atm
well tbh I didnt expect to be very competative playing a merc heals in pvp for the first time. obviously things would have been different if I had rolled a sorc like I am used to but wanted to try something different. so the kick was kind of inevitable. but i hope you feel better.

Who named your guild again?