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Quote: Originally Posted by Caelrie
It's only politically-charged because you make it so by making it political.
Lovely tautology; I most enjoy the part where it included a reasoned, coherent, and logically consistent argument.

Quote: Originally Posted by Caelrie
And how convenient that all the things YOU like are what should be at the top of the priority queue...
I know. I am a terrible person wishing that Bioware would address issues like Endgame Content, Bugs, Optimization Concerns, et al.

I can truly think of no-other posters on these forums who think these are important issues that need to be addressed. That PVP-Forum for instance is filled with satisfied individuals falling over themselves in appreciation of the balance achieved in modern-Warzones....

Quote: Originally Posted by Caelrie
Then stop making it political by trying to deny that gay people exist. YOU are politicizing it.
Yeah. That post in which I denied the existence of gay people and demanded they have never existed and should never be included in Star Wars Canon was uncalled for.

Quote: Originally Posted by Caelrie
Says who? Why is that you repeatedly think you get to speak for everyone?
My apologies.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is obviously a battleground for Civil Rights on par with Stonewall!

I mean, the moderators and the Forum TOS make that abundantly clear.

I think I covered everything.