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It is about agenda's, and it's being pushed into everything possible. My problem is when it's pushed at Kid themed media. Put a adult rating in and I'm fine.

lol homophobe, you guys need new material. I have gay friends and they can handle conversations without trying that one.
Equality is just such a terrible agenda...

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Personally, I would prefer it if Bioware stopped introducing politically charged issues into the canon and actually dedicated its Story Content Funding into the extension of individual class stories.
It's only politically-charged because you make it so by making it political.

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People seem to fail to understand one basic thing about development.

Money is a Finite Resource.

It does not matter if there are different teams in charge of divergent facets of development.

Any $ allocated to one department for a specific project is $ not allocated to another.

The argument that SGRA does not detract from other development cycles is fundamentally wrong.

We can debate as to the significance of that allocation and what specifically it detracts from, but you people hiding behind this particular strawman need to give it up.
And how convenient that all the things YOU like are what should be at the top of the priority queue...

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Quite frankly, politics should be jettisoned from Star Wars unless we are talking about the balance of power between Borsk and Ackbar or the legitimacy of Thrawn's Shogunate...
Then stop making it political by trying to deny that gay people exist. YOU are politicizing it.

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I'm beginning to suspect the real motive of the people speaking in this thread against SGR - no not that one.

I suspect they are the kind of people who are not happy with dev time being spent on a feature they have no interest in and are using the old, Argumentum ad populum device to try to delay it.
You're more generous than me. I think it's plain old homophobia hiding behind the money argument.