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You're comparing your Merc to a class that's tied for first place with pure DPS classes Mara and Sniper. PT/VG is highly over performing and needs to be nerfed. I never argued against that point, only against the point that Mercs are terrible in PVE. Compare your DPS to assassins and ops then come tell me how bad Merc DPS is.
got a Assassin, and in full BM gear, i do roughly >100 DPS than my full 58 PvE geared Merc...altho, i would say i play deception quite well (server first BM as deception...)

tooting my own horn on that one, sure...but, i play DPS classes well...i cannot heal AT ALL...i'm terrible.


the class plays very well, and is quite intuitive, even simple.

other classes need to be modeled after it...and ironically, Merc would take a whole 3 seconds to mirrior an already well balanced, useful class in Powertech/Vanguard.

*EDIT* instead of all these "ideas" up there to make Merc useful...the answer is already there, in theory. you have a fully functional class versus a under performing, gimped class...all that needs worked out is the damge type and amount it deals. (instant, elemental, and amount on powershot...fixed.)
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