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Then you don't want SGRA's to ever be added then if you want them to constantly take the backseat to that. Do I want more Chapters to be added, sure but not at the expense of other features. And since no MMO ever has everything 100% fixed, SGRA's and everything else will end up never getting added.

Why force things to take a backseat when they very well can be created AND added along side each other?
In short this is your fear, not my argument.
Like Mini-Games and an expansion of Space, SGRA are the concern of a portion of the population.
If you do not get them because primary game content such as PVP and the Bioware 4th Pillar of class story need attention, oh well.

I often see the argument in this thread that anti-SGRA posters simply need to "deal with it or leave," because the content is coming.

Well, the pro-SGRA people will need to do much the same if all they ever get is a token Flirt Option.

As much as threads like this may serve as force multipliers for opinion the reality is that Romance Options are only a make-or-break concern for a minority of the subscription base.

We lost a million subscriptions due to a Endgame Content that was not engaging enough, PVP imbalance, and persistent bugs, not because my FemSW cannot romance Vette.

I would prefer that additional special-interest group items only show up after Bioware has addressed the principle issues of the game.

Romance options are your priority.
Recognize however that to the vast majority of the player base it exists only as a corollary to one third (leveling) of a tripartite focus for this game (Endgame PVE, Endgame PVP, Story Arcs).

If we never get to SGRA, SSSP, and Pazaack but in exchange Lag drops, the ability delay disappears, Frame-Rates improve, and I can enter a Warzone without having to run a Bubble-Spec or get Smashed for 7K in my full WH gear I will be fine with that.

So would, I would venture a guess, the vast majority of this community.