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01.11.2013 , 11:35 AM | #1950
There had been some fraud on my card last month. They closed that card and issued a new one, but just to be safe I'm trying not to use my debit card for online purchases anymore.

So I picked up a $25 prepaid Visa gift card. I used it to buy $20 in cartel coins just fine, but then I tried to buy $5 in cartel coins and got the general error. I tried it a few more times and kept getting that error, and now I've started getting the message where it just won't take that card at all anymore.

I logged onto the gift card site and checked the activity on the card and it's got 5 pending transactions for $1 each listed on there in addition to the successful $19.99 transaction.

I don't know why it failed in the first place but it looks like after the first failure the pending $1 charge was what was keeping it from letting any other transactions go through. There wasn't enough left on the card after that to cover the transaction.

Most of these attempts were yesterday but a couple of them were just a few minutes ago. I guess I'll have to wait until those pending charges have been canceled before trying again with that card? Or does the system make a $1 charge to start out as a test and then cancel that after making the full charge?