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01.11.2013 , 10:39 AM | #45
For you folks whose only response is "your own fault" "not Biowares fault your guild is dumb" and so on and so forth - your missing the point. In fact, your responses showing a compete lack of care make me think you could be the culprits. This was happening over the span of a few days, before this thread was made - and quite a few guilds got scammed. Why? The game has been out a year, and this has not happened. How can people predict something with no point of reference?

People did not 'randomly' promote someone, purposely give a stranger access to their guildbank. This individual or persons were impersonating a guild Officer or GM through their respective Voice - pretending their mic was not working and messaging a player in game on a low level alt. Honestly, If i didn't hear about this and the above scenario occurred I would have fallen for it too.

If a player in game sends tells to someone in a crude manner, it is considered harassment and action can be taken. If folks in general misbehave in a certain way, its harassment and action can be taken. Well, impersonating a guild member to gain access to their guild bank, then running away with stabilizers is harassment - and Bioware has to be looking into this, and a response would be lovely.
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