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As a tank i have learned to adapt to these situations in pugs. I am a pt bounty hunter. First thing is to tell the group to mark targets. Jump to the toughest non cc'ed target and throw a single mob taunt on it. Then turn to the weakest target or healer target and pull them to me or just mosey on over to them while throwing attacks at them. As the gunslinger said, they can drop one of these in a couple hits. It may take me 2 or 3 more hits to drop them than a dps, but i can do it, so if i solo it then no big deal. then move to next toughest and so on till i get back to the strongest.

While doing this i am watching the healers health bar to make sure they didn't draw aggro on something and if their hp are going down then i will move to them mid fight to beat on their mob. If a dps has stayed on the elite i originally hit with a taunt then by the time he takes aggro by doing damage, I can get back to it and we can kill it off before he dies and/or my single target taunt will be refreshed and i can easily take back aggro.

This has been very effective lately and i have had virtually no issues.
Eh, sounds like you're a good tank, and I'd probably like to group with you in terms of that, but honestly, your job and the healers' jobs are much more adaptively difficult than the dps', so you shouldn't have to additionally adapt to the dps; the dps should really be adapting themselves to your style. Still, I thank you for not being an oblivious tank.