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What can Bioware do to actually make PvP here balanced and not just lopsided farmfests. Been doing 15-20 WZs a day all week and still only have 3 wins. How can we force Imps to play better so we actually win?
Bioware shouldn't do anything. It's up to the player to get better.

Two things I notice:

1) Pubs form premades about 100x as often as imps. Something about socializing and getting organized in pvp that you imps just don't like - and you pay the price for it.

2) I'm sorry to say this because it's incredibly insulting, but it's also true - overall lack of skill/knowledge of the game. Don't get me wrong there are some good players on imp side, and bad players on pub side. But there's a noticeable lack of good dps, competent healers, and overall min/maxing of pvp stats. PVP STATS - Expertise is the most important stat for pvp, you need to get it as high as you can and THEN worry about your other stats. Seek knowledge about your class. Shin'arika has the most amazing shadow/sin videos out there, and there are plenty of guides to help you.

All in all its a lack of organization, and a lack of seriousness about PvP.
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