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01.11.2013 , 09:13 AM | #1949
I too called my bank just to make sure. And it was the dumbest thing they ever heard. All my Cards where fully open and availible for use.

What bothers me now is that I am unable to add any of my Cards as a payment option. Every card I try, Debit or Credit, VISA or MasterCard, all gives this error Message:

We're sorry, but we can't perform transactions to this credit card. Please load a different one.

I can add PayPal, but when trying to buy cartel coins it fails With no just a generell error asking me to try again later.

What gives BioWare? You really need to give us a proper response. NOW! Or else my Money is going elsewhere, and looking at this thread, I'm not the only one you are going to loose.