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If we go by that page, then the body types as they are, are varied enough, and any complaints about them are they are just not physically appealing to those who don't like them. Since theres differences in build and in height.
What are you talking about? I was linking that image purely for the reason I stated I was linking that image - the term "athletic" does not accurately describe or demonstrate actual athletes and their bodies.

If anything, those images demonstrate a need for greater character customisation, particularly if one wants to have a realistic and representative system.

Yes, people ARE going to make characters them deem attractive to them - something you seem to be vehemently against a lot of them time, because god forbid the player actually want to look at their character. But what people deem attractive is different because we are all individuals. Currently the body types available in this game feature six that follow conventional/mainstream rules for being "attractive" and two that are anomalous to that (being Body 3 and 4 for female and male respectively) - that doesn't mean that everyone likes them, merely that everyone has to choose from them.

And height? Three of the women in those images are over 6 foot and others are close to it - something which is not demonstrated in this game.

Actually, you know what? I'm not even doing to bother anymore.