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A fix to make everyone happy seems rather simple to me.

Create a NPC vendor on fleet called "Sori Formistak" and have him utilize the PVP vendor system that requires the shell of say WH gear to be traded in for EWH.

Make the now fixed versions of the armor tradable in for the "bugged"versions you make as separate "MK-2" variations of the gear, obviously without the added comms price.

Presto, whoever wants to have the old look can simply turn the fixed gear in. Whoever likes the new look doesn't.

Everybody is happy and people actually like you cos the NPC name shows you can man up to your mistakes and take/make a joke at your own expense.
That's what many people suggested since the very first minutes this happened. This system is already ingame with other piece of equipment (like top tier PvP), how difficult can it be???