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I'm not male nor an artist, so I haven't studied the male form in any sort of depth to have much of an informed opinion of it, though I will say that the heads always look too big on male Body 1. Male Body 4, though, is muscle - not aesthetic muscle, really, like perhaps Body 2 might have, but practical muscle, likely from having a more physical and weight based fighting style (certain types of wrestling, perhaps?).

Character customisation in this game is very... simplistic. In my head my Sorcerer and Warrior have very different body types, despite both being Body 2 in-game: Sorcerer is more curvy and carries more weight in the hips (kind of like me, ALL my weight is in my hips/butt) and my Warrior has a leaner, more muscled look.

I don't want to say "athletic" because such a look doesn't exist.
If we go by that page, then the body types as they are, are varied enough, and any complaints about them are they are just not physically appealing to those who don't like them. Since theres differences in build and in height.