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This might be the funniest and most absurd reply i've heard yet. The very notion that any war machine player could own me is ridiculous, maybe you owned someone with a similar name, hell maybe one of you rolled an alt with a similar name to mine and owned him. I'm pretty sure everyone on the server knows you pvp but the point of this thread is to make sure you know where you are on the scale.
This guy cracks me up. One day we were playing Voidstar and we are doing well. I am on Lucille, plant 1st door, lower bridge, get across to other side and far door and im planting and he sends me a whiper:

"Nice Job, you shouldn't take that lightly, coming from me thats something"

I just laughed because it was SOOO completely absurd. As if He was the arbiter of who's got game and who doesnt. And of course now he's here with his "Scale" to tell us all what's what. So patently ridiculous.

As for War Machine. I have my sniper in that guild. It hasn't been a PVP guild since a ton of members left for Disconnect because they wanted a focus on Ranked PVP. A lot still PVP, but not ranked and rarely even in a 4 man group. Mostly solo Q'ers and duo Q'ers. I am in the guild because a few friends were there and gave me someone to chat and do dailies with. (And they're nice people always willing to give each other a hand with things ...)

On a side note, that tag under your name means absolutely nothing to me. I get comments from guys in Deadweight who i've never even heard of. (And lets be honest Deadweight isnt half the talent Afflicted was ...) They say things like "You suck , youre in War Machine". But if I suck so bad why did I just put you on your face?

Stop measuring everything by the guild. Half these guys in these guilds are just along for the ride because they wanna sport that fancy guild tag. It gives them a sense of pride they cannot achieve on their mediocre own.
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