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12.13.2011 , 01:40 PM | #12
I feel..they should have at least included more dispatching of troops to the game sooner. however i believe the way you frame ur unsatisfactory at the way they treat us. its true, they said we would receive emails when we could start. not, you will receive an email the moment you can start. the sakes is wrong bioware. you make insta guild invite for first char but u can't make a better notification system...i..i hate you.. go away and never come back!
sorry had a smeagle moment. but srsly wat the ten sakes were you thinking not giving people an ETA on their times of joining. you have about 80% of ur preorders sitting at their computers waiting.. of which you only have let like 5-10% in...prolly 1 to 2% every i have gained info from my guild..they aren't really crowded..send more waves...send em in.. 2 waves at a time...get us in damnit. or shall the dark lords smite ye