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Nope it's level 18. I don't blame you though if your like me and leveled a sorc almost a year ago. We didn't have the luxury of this ability.

I guess I could understand why the OP thought those other two heals weren't for him. I believe the tooltip say's "Heals friendly target" so perhaps he thought that meant it had to be someone else. You can be the 'friendly target' as well.
Ya, as far as I go i got it at level 44 :P leveled sorc healer pre Dark bending nerf, and guy went to freezer a while then. Only got it out when I decided to try the DPS, and from that point it was content faceroll.

By far the dps spec 50 I have the less trouble soloing PS and LR with.

As a lol, also "tanked" OE with talos out, and that went surprisingly well with Unatural preservation and the bubble.

Sorc issus are mostly PvP based, and there are worries about single target damage for higher difficulties damage timer. As far as solo PvE goes, one heck of a killing machine, as said