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01.11.2013 , 05:03 AM | #3
Well I stopped playing in June cos I couldnt get passed this level even when leveled up above level 40. Came back and now 43 nearly 44.

It wont let you use Elara for heals will it the class uses Yuun then swaps to Tanno. You cant enter the area without Tanno. IMHO all the other characters are useless because they cant heal.

I even reallocated last skill point to a weapon skill (was mostly concentrating on combat medical).

I followed your advice and created / bought loads of med packs to constantly heal and even though he now much lower level still defeats all the time. Yes Ive tried up close combat and at a distance. Its his fire droids that do the damage despite my heals.

I have reported as a "bug" as I do not think it fair within the game and is effecting my enjoyment so I just sit on ship and engage PVP Warzones to get cash for the Uniform repairs at Med Centre.

Very very frustrating. I will now try getting rid of Tanno once in Railgun access corridor and will try and call Elara.