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Quote: Originally Posted by Antitso View Post
- Would the bioware model be acceptable for you?
- How passionate are you about the issues of gear and boosts in item shops?
- Are you still playing swtor mainly because your a star wars fan?
- Would you always take the subscription path?
- Would you prefer a F2P game that had no subscription plan offer and was entirely item shop?
Let's see. Not quite sure what you mean by Bioware model, if you mean f2p but with a subscription available for those that wants less limits, that's fine with me although I personally can not stand the limitations that are put on f2p accounts so I still have a subscription. I prefer the model of GW2 and not the Secret World but I cannot answer which of the two is more financially viable for the publisher.

The way they have the items now being either just empty customizable sets or a piece with stats but for low levels I'm completely fine with, I would not like it if they started selling say complete War Hero or Campaign sets. The boosters I don't mind either as long as none of the original rates for XP or the like are adjusted which they weren't, they are just a nice extra for those who want to pay for it.

I'm currently playing SWTOR because I actually find it fun (did take a break of a couple of months a while back) and because I'm part of a guild I like playing with. I'm not really that big of a Star Wars fan, I mean, I like Star Wars, but as far as Sci-fi goes it is far from the top for me (if you can even call it Sci-fi).

Unless the restrictions put on f2p/preferred accounts are scaled back by quite a bit I will keep my subscription for as long as I'm playing, there are far to many restrictions on travel, xp gain, trading (for f2p) and having to pay for operations and so on that I find it pretty much unplayable without a subscription. Likely because I played the first six months or so of the game without these limitations, getting the now just doesn't work.

If there was no subscription that would mean f2p accounts wouldn't be so limited being the only accounts there are so that would be good, on the other hand the game would then be more likely to start doing stupid things with the item store to encourage the use of it. Without subscriptions I also get this feeling that the lifetime of the game might be shorter and the time between updates would certainly be longer as I don't think they'd be making as much money (unless you had to buy the box). In other words, wouldn't make much difference for me but it might for the game and in a negative way so might not be that good of an idea.

Quote: Originally Posted by Burana View Post
- yes, the idea of F2P and stuff for real money is good.
Still, items on CM are too expensive, and the content in Cartel packs is not worth the money. The drop rate of some cool items is low. This makes me think that with this strategy BW/EA is aiming to milk existing fans of the game rather than trying to increase the market share.
That is a good point, a lot of things are strangely expensive like all the armours they are currently adding which are from character creation, the kits basically cost as much as a month of game time does, that's not getting your money's worth. More reasonable? 450cc.
Of course, I see why they didn't want to do that as subscribers could then pick one each month. I'd argue there is little reason to give subscribers much cartel coins at all though and even so, if prices of the more expensive things go down a bit to be more realistic you can give subscribers less as well and still give them the same worth of cartel coins.
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