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Running into the exact same error, tried calling customer support and the best they can do is tell me to

"call your bank please"

I'm sorry .....

Buying Cartel Coins doesnt work (nu2001) but after that buying a subscription and the expansion work fine from the same Credit Card

what a load of crap...
Well it seems to be solved,

Called my bank (against better judgement) who promptly managed to tell me there was nothing wrong with my card (as if i didnt know that already but whatever).

Back to EA customer support (Accounts and Billing), retold my story, the CS-representative removed and re-added my CC in THEIR database, meaning if you do it yourself through the website it wont work, and now everything is fine again.

Just too bad it cost me about 10 for calling to the UK because EA is too cheap to get a listed "local" Dutch phonenumber for CS.
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