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Good question. Without mental alac, you'll get between 1.1 and 2.2 seconds - still very fast even without MA, I'm sure you'd agree.

When mental alac kicks in you can get 0.8.

One of the reasons this works is because of psychic projection proccing on a base alac of 20 - 25%.

Erm, I can't answer that for you; you have your own playstyle!

I like alac because its hard to imagine the speed it functions at without actually trying it out. People are not prepared for it and I routinely kill any people after 1 bubblepop and 1 knockback. They just don't expect 5k damage from a sage in 1 GCD (TT + FiB, for example) - and procs occur very often when your TT is so fast.

8k damage, bubblepop, force speed to max range, force potency and TT, 6500 damage. FiB, proc'd MindCrush, TT. Dead. They're still walking towards me after the knocback when they die.
I will try it for sure , )
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