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Gather up all the things that inspire you about a given class (or whatever) and stick them in a box - not necessarily a physical box but in whatever context is suitable, group up that stuff and put it in a place that's easy to get to and which is safe.

When you're working on one one project and find unrelated, inspiring things along the way, don't just leap right into another project - stick them in that 'box'.

Get into the habit of going through the box, say on the 30th of every month and put things in an order that you want to get to them in the coming month (even if it's just to review a certain thing in say, a fortnight).
Learn to trust that you can put stuff that interests you in a certain place and that you don't need to keep it all in your head all the time (or at all).

While you're working on a given project and find yourself distracted, pop the box open and go through the stuff that inspired you to start your current project.

Lots of people have varying degrees of OCD style conditions (frankly I think nearly everybody lies somewhere along the OCD spectrum), we really only notice people at extremes.

Consider keeping a journal (yes, seriously, yes even for a game). You'll probably find when looking back through it that it leaps from subject to subject - take it as constructive criticism and find a way to create a more structured journal (i.e. learn to recognise where you're attention skips away and how to get back on track, without necessarily throwing away your existing progress).