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OK who left the gate open?? I found this wandering down the street....

Quote: Originally Posted by Thornsbane View Post
Thing is, even on Master D the population is going up. A month ago it was 20 ppl on fleet peak times. Now its 60 peak times. There is also usually a few warzones going, and lots of noobs leveling up on the planets.

I urgently want a merge also, but maybe their last comment still stands......they are watching what happens after F2P.

They surely arent just waiting for the servers to much money/subs would be lost. I could never go back to playing anything with a 300ping.
They are probably waiting for the new f2p players to hit 50 then

a) see that engame sucks with GF
b) too many restrictions on f2p
c) dont bother to subscribe

then we will be back to where we were prior to f2p

Allow transfers to 1 designated APAC server to save our sanity and allow this post to RIP c'mon its been going for almost 6mths now with a whole 3 BW comments sheesh!!
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