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You are oblivious to the meaning of what I stated. The developers of this game designed the armor, mods, and enhancements for a specific reason and purposed them to fit their designs for play. You and the rest do not accept this "because you know better than they," by removing these items and replacing them with something to gain an advantage that was never intended to happen. That's called exploiting. If you and the rest think they know so much more about game developing than those involved, submit your resume and seek a job to take over PvP so you can show them how it is supposed to be...according to your vast experience in developing and game design. I know game design and developing. I spent 12 years doing it. There is an inherit balance put there for a reason. By min/max the designs outside of what is there throws an imbalance and makes a dramatic shift in the competitive curve that should not be there. You would know this if you had experience in developing game mechanics. However, you do not care about the effects on the results and what you can gain from it by cheating the system in giving your toon an advantage that was not meant to have.

BTW, I am using fully augmented (Advanced Willpower) WH Forcer Master Gear and EWH belt/bracers, I have 865 damage bonus for force power and 512 healing bonus as a DPS Sorcerer. An additional 35 points does not amount to much of anything. My Crit with buff is 35% and my Surge is 73%. I hit with critical hits 90%+ of the time when I hit someone and a 100% when my procs are up or I activate Reckless. I do not need to exploit anything to get it there. My character is where it's supposed to be based on the designed gear by the developers. I use that to my advantage. Min/Maxing gear is for those who cannot use the existing tools they are given because they cannot stand being "just like everyone else." Ask yourself this, what is the effect of min/maxing gear on the overall picture in PvP? What does it do to the competitive curve and balance between classes that are not min/max? Finally, what would say if BM said, all armor/mods/enhancements no longer offer bonuses because they are mix-matched for min/max gear? You’d scream bloody murder now, wouldn’t you?
Sniper here lurking your thread with my popcorn. Seriously. I'm literally eating kettle corn while laughing at the ridiculousnous of this thread. Especially the post I quoted.

This is the EXACT reason why the devs should NEVER base class changes off of the forums. People like you are the reason why classes and games get ruined. If you hnest to God believe what I just quoted, it is time to uninstall the game and go to Pong.

But please. Keep posting. You are providing me much entertainment while I am here bored at work lol.

EDIT: But one serious question though. If the devs never intended for min/maxing to occur, why did they make mods removable in the first place? I'll wait for your answer.
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