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It seems odd but it speaks for itself. THe much better question is why aren't tanking on one of the lower platforms where saberward will make you dodge 85% of the atacks entirely? Phasic Spittle (ranged attack) is a tech/foce attack which cannot be shielded or dodged; Monsterous Swipe (lowest platforms) is a melee attack that can be dodged/shielded. You're taking more than twice the amount of damage necessary and probably 5 times the amount when you have saber ward up and are on the wrong platforms. I think in this case being execution > rotation.
I was under the impression they are the exact same attack behind the scenes, they just had different animations. I coulda sworn I've mitigated the purple spit before, but maybe not.

I'd like a definitive answer on this. I already tank it on the closer platforms, but would like to know for sure. Any hard proof you have would be awesome, Fillion.

Or we could just get a post from Kitru. That'd be enough.
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