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It seems odd but it speaks for itself. THe much better question is why aren't tanking on one of the lower platforms where saberward will make you dodge 85% of the atacks entirely? Phasic Spittle (ranged attack) is a tech/foce attack which cannot be shielded or dodged; Monsterous Swipe (lowest platforms) is a melee attack that can be dodged/shielded. You're taking more than twice the amount of damage necessary and probably 5 times the amount when you have saber ward up and are on the wrong platforms. I think in this case being execution > rotation.
I didn't know any better then, but putting my positioning in that fight aside, any other tanks happen to see something similar? It'd be at least good to know so we dont waste an ability stacking the two together, especially since Saber Ward is on such a long CD.
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