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Yes Hey im MVP is the top dog,but there are a lot of guilds on their heels....
Synergy has beat them in the past week like 15 times??
Pwn stars has beat them
Nothing-Personal has beat them.... so from Personal experience i would say the Bastion has a really solid group of guilds queueing and most of them are very good.....And yes it has been 2 months cause thats when we kicked you lol.. i think we have something like 7-8 guilds that queue

Hey im MVP
Pwn stars
Kings of the north
Into the darkness
Crits n giggles
freaks of legend

are all guilds that queue on the bastion atm
np and pwn stars have only ever beaten us when we are 7v8 or on our pub alts. synergy can beat us but 99% of the time when they do its synergy+dont panic and of those losses we have had to them in the last week like 9 of them were due to dcs. havent lost to kings on our imps yet either.
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