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Yeah man as someone was saying I don't see the leapers. Just yesterday I was jumped at, at least 10 times in 1 single match but I guess you just play with better people so they keep them off of you.

Nice share though.

Do you run any PVE with your build?
His build is probably not viable for PvE since it sacrifice some sustained for Polarity Shift and Lightning CC boost.

I run 0/18/23 for that, which work great for me for some reason (compared to this build : more DoT damage, which is less useful for focusing someone down in pvp, especially if a sage is healing (BOOM no more dots).

That said, the pvp value of having better burst, and versatility in playstyle, + decent CC ability is sure interesting. I'll try to catch a stream. My main 50 pvp experience is in normal wz, where I do decent for my gear (mostly recruit, with BM mainhand WH offhand since my main focus is PvE) but its mostly by laying low, and just being harder to catch than what killing me seems worth it (puny dps in recruit? Lol). Sent normally give up when I just keep being a LoS pain and more interesting teamates are around. I have no dellusion I'd be murdered in rated.