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still seeing the hacks and still seeing my tickets go ignored...this is why I hate pvp in swtor...oh well at least there is if only they would give us actual new content instead of 3 difficulties of the same operation that is too easy.
This is what troubles me. There was a guy with a name that sounds like Bingers that was VERY public about his hacking. Bioware claims to have noticed on day 1, something I don't doubt, but he went on to continue hacking for nearly 7 more weeks before any action was taken to remove him from the game, which was allegedly banning him per a post by a Bioware employee on reddit.

I understand that people will find ways to cheat. I'm THRILLED Bioware seems to take it "seriously". But I'm baffled as to why it takes them so blasted long to ACT! For 7 weeks Ginge...err...Bingers exploited...unpunished, flaunting his cheats. WHY??? Why was ONE very public hacker allowed to destroy gameplay for that long? What happens to the subtle Bingers?

I'd really like to know why it took Bioware so long to do anything when they claimed to have spotted it on day 1?
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