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Yeah, but there's no reason to sacrifice a character that can still be used productively pointlessly. There were about a million better Jedi characters to kill off (what about Kyp? He hasn't done anything in EVER). One of the Solo kids was going to die at some point, we all knew that, and there was no point having Chewie around anymore either. I agree that the Bantam books were playing it way, way too safe, but the sword cuts both ways.

Not familiar with that series.

Yeah, by Cade's time, everyone will be dead. Sure, whatever, even if you accept Legacy as canon.
But those deaths won't and shouldn't be elaborated on or even mentioned, as it'll make Mass Effect's "Tali's face" controversy look miniscule by comparison. Just leave a huge *********** gap there. Just because they age and are mortal doesn't mean that they should just be killed off with no real sense behind it, to say nothing of the behind-the-scenes BS.
And what's Saba's lifespan, btw? Just curious.

Luke and Leia are both 63, yes. And Han is 73.

You bring up a good point, however, there is one factor you're overlooking. In at least one book (Truce at Bakura), the author offhandedly mentions that the average human lifespan (due to all dat bacta, presumably) has now been extended by decades - to around 100-110, even 120 years old. Hell, force-sensitives have been able to extend their lives up to 800 years, according to Wookiepedia. 60-70 could be the new 40-50, for the SW universe. We shouldn't assume all our age paradigms apply there too.

Obi-Wan kinda aged quickly because Tatooine does that to people. It isn't necessarily a glimpse into Luke's future.
For point 1, sacrificing somebody like Kyp Durron wouldn't of had the same affect and brought mortality in to stark view for the readers. Granted many loved Mara Jade, but, it did bring readers face to face with death and how it affects people. Look at Star Trek II[before they were even considering bringing back Spock]. Look how much of an impact that made and how it changed it all. Sometimes, one of the best known heros have to bite the bullet, it opens up so much more to do and where it can go.

It's the Drizzt Do'Urdern series of books, it's what made R.A.Salvatore famous.

Barbel lifespans, i think they are the same as the rest of us, but i am not exactly sure, have to look that one up.

And again even with increased lifespans, it doesn't HALT the anging process. 63 and 73 still gonna feel like 63 and 73. And using the force to prolong your life, that is well very much dark side, and if Luke had done that, don't you think he'd be smacking the ever loving crap out of his great-great-great-grandson?

I mean look at Pellion. He was 90, granted his health was decent, but he wasn't doing things he used to do when he was serving under Thawn. Same with Wedge and Tycho. You see them grow old and yeah they can still fly and they have LEAGUES of experience, only thing that keeps up with the speed and youth younger pilots.

Yeah we see Han starting, and i mean STARTING to show his age, but the guy fights and moves like he's still 30. He's STILL pulling under-arm shots like he was 30. Sorry the main heros like luke, leia and Han, really need to start showing AGE. Same with Kyp, Saba, most the masters, time to start seeing them start to step aside from the fighting and let more of the younger jedi come to the front.

I mean they have started to with hints of seeing Jaden Korr, and focusing some on Jaina, but not enough.
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