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Vormica is a bad who does not understand how stats work in this game. Power gives better bonus damage than willpower point-for-point. However, willpower also gives you increased critical chance. The diminishing returns curve for the crit chance you get from willpower isn't anywhere near as steep as the DR curve for crit rating. Increased critical chance = increased DPS.

What this means is that while power gives you better bonus damage point-for-point, willpower gives you better DPS and better HPS. The theorycrafters who have done the real heavy lifting have determined willpower is the better choice at least until you stack 9,000 willpower, which is obviously well past current gear levels.

One final point... the difference in DPS between willpower and power augments is quite low. If I remember the sim results I saw, I think you get like 15 extra DPS from willpower augments over power at BiS gearing levels.

If you want more information on this, check the threads at MMO Mechanics.