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Best sorc dps I've ever witnessed in game is this player, the OP Komissar. We've never spoken and he doesn't know me so don't get the idea that I'm posting on his behalf. I'm not rubbing one out in his name but have gone up against him since the Terentatek days, pre-initial server xfer, and he is still legit to this day. Friend of mine wanted to make a sorc and I had mentioned I've only really come across one guy that I can remember being detrimental in a game and I wish I knew his build. That was you.

I was really dumbfounded when I came across this post and saw your spec that you run to be honest but I can say without a doubt you play it like no other. Very happy to have come across your build, I, and many others I know, had been wondering what you did that was so different than other sorcs. Looks like a lot of things but you make it happen better than any other I've ever played.
you should probably have your friend work on full madness to learn kiting first. This spec shines more in a coordinated group and requires good thought into kiting patterns to be effective. Madness is a much easier starting point until he masters the kiting aspect.

just my two cents
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