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While what you say is mostly true, I wouldn't agree that Merc DPS is that hindered in PVE. Lets not forget that they're still a ranged class, and that still holds some advantage over PTs. On target dummy there's no doubt that Sniper, Mara and PT out perform Mercs, but in reality most fights are not tank and spank and there are many factors that affect DPS uptime. Lets not forget that there are many encounters that are unfriendly to melee. I raid regularly on my Merc since we're short on RDPS, and on most fights I keep up and even surpass our Marauders. In fact, on Op IX, I mop the floor with our Marauders because of how much that fight favors range due to all the running around and being limited to center of the room during your color phase. They catch up a bit on Phase2, but Phase1 usually gives me a huge lead. So a lot of it really comes down to fights as well. I'm able to take advantage of RS, SM, SD and rapid shots (to keep heat under control anyway) during most movement phases to minimize impact on my DPS. It's not like melee isn't also hindered by some of the fight mechanics. The only fight where I really have a hard time is TFB Keph, the back and forth across the room really sucks there.
i see what you're saying, really...but, i disagree!

i did Op IX (SM) for the 1st time on my VG last night, and cracked top 50 in DPS (#42). just ran MP and beat every parse from The Harbinger (minus Draksh).

i run 8/8/25 so i can stay at 10m and still produce max DPS and move!

again, just my experience from a Merc/pyro (since early beta...Firebug!!) that switched to VG/assault. i've been playin the class for 3 weeks and blowing up parses in the same gear i wore on my Merc, who never broke top 50 in any zone.

i would LOVE for Merc to get some love, really...i would go back instantly. i just doubt it will happen

*EDIT* and Keph, 1st time EVER seeing that mob on VG...#21 DPS. and again, i'm in 61's!
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