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My guild is starting to run hm ec soon and i am wondering how are my stats. also if any have any advice. ty.
also does it matter where i place augments, or does it all add to the total no matter where you add them?

sith warrior juggernaut
immortal spec
my gear is a mix of rakata and blackhole. 13 slots augmented. didnt aug lightsaber due to it still being the columi one.

Health - 22070
Armor rating - 7800
Damage Reduction - 47.94%
Defense Chance - 24.85%
Shield Chance - 45.35%
Shield absorption - 48.16%

Strength - 1567
Endurance - 1957
Melee Accuracy - 95.34%
I'm assuming that your hp is the non - buffed stimmed version which would be enough if that's the case.
Also from the melee accuracy I was assuming that you are using the accuracy talents in Vigilance tree but you specified beforehand that you are defense spec, which gives indication that you have accuracy mods, which are really unnecessary, at no point would you be in a position desperate to use that accuracy edge to make you generate enough threat. Smart usage of taunt and sufficent dps rotation will keep threat on you with no issues. Invest on your shield chance to get it close to 50%, if you can afford one more abs mod / enh do so otherwise it's fine where it is. In the future as you progress to 63's get around 5% more defense.
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