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01.10.2013 , 06:09 PM | #68
So I used this thread as a base to min/max my Shadow. However, as I get closer to my goal, the harder it is to get perfectly aligned with these numbers. So, what advice do you give me going forward?

Def. 408. <------- A little low. Need to boost.
Shield 567
Abs 543

What I want to avoid is buying 2 full sets of def and abs augments and my understanding is that you can't directly trade shield for def. you can only trade def for abs. I have all 61+ mods and enh, I have 1 columi armoring, 1 columi hilt, 2 rakata armoring, so that can only improve endurance and willpower. My relics are DG shield amp and imperiling serenity, i have the same campaign relics and I have enough comms to get an EWH relic if recommended.

Thanks in advance for your advice.